Typo Errata

Typo Errata

"Did you know your book has errors in it?" Yes, yes, yes, I do. Thanks to the subject matter, Typo has the dubious honor of getting a more careful reading than most books. While my publisher assures me that Typo has fewer errors than books published by other, less careful, houses--including Richard Nash's knowledgeable correction of "whore houses" to "whorehouse"--my loyal fan base wants better.

So I present to you a list of errata as it is currently known in the first edition of Typo. (Which means if you don't seem 'em you have the far less collectable second or third edition.) 

As it stands, 95% of the errors listed have been reported by Mrs. Noralee Potts of Michigan. So if you want a careful reading of your book, I'd recommend calling her. 

If you find more, let me know, I'll add them to the list.

p. 19, line 24: "The Super 8 was a looking at a major technical deduction . . ." should be “The Super 8 was looking at a major technical deduction”

p. 21, line 19: ". . . he had opened a metal boxed that . . ." should be “he had opened a metal box that”

p. 22, line 10: missing verb in the sentence that begins, "On the front wall ..." should be “On the front wall hung”

p. 23, line 13: “the production manger” should be “manager”

p. 44: ends with a widow -- there were places where you let the page run short to avoid ending with a widow. Should have been done here.

p. 47, line 16: “He such a good kid” should be “He’s such agood kid”.

p. 47, line 19, Opening quote should be closed up to “But”.

p. 48, line 17 ... plaque and CD player ... WERE among, not was among.

p. 50, line 24: the contraction for them (’em) should have the apostrophe going the other way. It happens throughout, but this is the only one I’m mentioning.

p. 51, line 19: "...to be broadcast my voice" should be "to broadcast".  [reported by Chad Graham]

p. 57, last line: “I thought I should try turn ...” should be “I thought I should try TO turn ...”

p. 65,  "In the morning I didn't feeling very prepared..." should be "In the morning I didn't feel very prepared..."

p. 73: blank recto

p. 74. The blank should be on the verso if you’re going to open chapters recto only.

p. 88, line 25: “I was held up on the phone on with ...” second “on” should be removed.

p. 107, line 17: “...into a disposable red ... bowls ...” should read “...into disposable red bowls...”

p. 120, line 7: missing verb ... “sign of her true age WAS the thick layer of powder”.

p. 121, lines 17-18: “But when we do a job in Manila or Baltimore and it’s one day late, two days, and then it still isn’t done.”  Should be “But when we do a job in Manila or Baltimore, it’s always one day late, then two days, and then it still isn’t done.”

p. 145, line 22: should say “embarrassed ABOUT asking for help”.

p. 161, 4th line from the bottom: Paragraph indent is wrong.

p. 162, at the line break in text: Sometimes you start the text following flush left, sometimes not. Should be consistent.

p. 163, 5th line from the bottom: “I had taken over,” not “I’d had taken over”.

p. 167, 5th line from the bottom: the remainder of the quoted sentence, following he said, should start with a lowercase “a”.

p. 168, 6th line from the bottom: Same problem as p. 167 ...following she said, the “t” in “this” should be lowercase.

p. 171, 9th line from the bottom: No apostrophe in “others”. 

p. 173, line 8: “setup” should be two words here.

p. 173, line 17: incorrect paragraph indent

p. 175, 5th line from the bottom: “by June” not “by the June”

p. 177, line 2: should read “give up almost twenty percentof the company”, not “give up almost a twenty percent of the company”.

p. 187, 8th line from the bottom: “WERE lit with reflections of the harbor”?

Page 201, line 9 missing end quote marks and comma, “…good shape he said.” should be “…good shape,” he said.”

p. 201, 7th line from the bottom: should read “was desperately strained”, not “was in desperately strained”.

p. 201, 4th line from the bottom: “Baltimore” is the end of a sentence -- needs a period.

p. 227, line 5: lose the “and” before “thinking”.

p. 227, line 19: the word “you’ve” has the apostrophe going the wrong way.

p. 244: The leading for the 2-line entries in the table it wrong. Space was deducted between the wrong lines.

p. 267, line 2: “into” should be two words here

p. 279, 1st paragraph, line 7: “staring”, not “starring”.

p. 281, 10th line from the bottom: “able TO work things out”, not “able work things out”

p. 284, line 3: “Is ...” ... should be lowercase.

p. 287, 5th paragraph, line 2: “one and A half million”, not “one and half million”

p. 290, 2nd line from the bottom: “listing OF the books” not “listing the books”


p. 315, 4th line from the bottom: “OUR keyboarding vendor” not “OUT keyboarding vendor”

p. 317, 7th line from the bottom: “why she hadn’t she”  should be “why she hadn’t”

p. 317, the page ends with a widow.

p. 321, line 13: The middle attorney asked. Should be alowercase “t” on “the”.

p. 327, line 7: should end in a period

p. 335: blank recto

p. 343, 12th line from the bottom: constructing lines? or construction lines?

p. 343, 9th line from the bottom: the Chicago Manual of Style says that web addresses should break BEFORE the period.

p. 344, line 1: “because IT wasn’t” not “because in wasn’t”

p. 345, line 1: “scab-produced” should be hyphenated -- it describes “newspapers”.

p. 345, line 8: footnote reference, footnote text missing. Footnote text should read, “*Of course he is!”

p. 348, first line of “cut and paste” entry: too lose: break photocomposition someplace legal

p. 350, last line and 4th line from the bottom: it’s Palatino, not Palantino

p. 352, in the keyboarding entry: “piecework” -- one word

p. 354, 9th line of “plate” entry: needs a comma after “confusion”

p. 355, line 8: “film”, not “fim”

p. 357, line 8 AND 6th line from the bottom on p. 361: The acronym is WYSIWYG. It's wrong both times.

p. 360, 2nd to the last line in the “typesetter” entry: “they’d understand” not “they understand”

p. 361, 5th line in the XML entry: should be whom, not who