About Business Therapy

What is business therapy?
Business therapy is about finding realistic solutions to day-to-day problems through intelligent discussion.
What is a business therapist? 
An experienced guide to talk to about tactical decisions in your business. You can think of it as a rent-a-mentor. Our therapists have also been called “business sherpas.” They have been up the mountain and back down and know the way.
Who is business therapy for?
Why you need it
None of us know what we are thinking until we either write it down or speak it aloud. The acts of speaking and writing let us work through ideas, realize when we are spinning in circles, and understand what, in many cases, we already knew, but hadn’t been able to express clearly.
But entrepreneurs and executives cannot talk with their employees about, for example, who they plan to hire and fire without causing potentially worse problems through rumors and confusion. You also cannot talk to your spouse because they are not involved with the business closely enough, and potentially have their own agenda, such as a planned vacation, to worry about.
You need someone to talk to who has been there, can be both a sounding-board and mentor, and has only your interests at heart.

How it works
Business therapy sessions are an hour long. Once or twice a week or more, depending on you and the issues you are working through.
Sessions include discussion of people, process and technology issues and structured writing assignments, such as top five impediments development.
Sessions can be one-on-one, with two business partners, or with a group of company executives.
Examples business therapy topics
Hiring or firing of key staff.
Plans for selling to or supporting specific customers.
Shaping corporate image (internal and external).
Motivating employees.
Choosing products to market.
Decisions about getting into or out of specific markets.
Acquisitions and mergers.
Decisions about raising capital (privately or going public).
Handling lawsuits.
Implementing technology.
Improving operations and processes.
Business plan development

What business therapy isn’t
Career coaching—which is focused on career strategies. Business therapy is about working through near term issues to get to you in the right position to reach your goals.

Business consulting—which is focused on “fixing” the business. Business therapy is about working with the individual owner, partner (or partners), or executive to help them achieve what they want and need from your business.

Psychotherapy—which is focused on you outside the business. Business therapy is about getting you to succeed at work.
Why us
We have been there. All of our business therapists have been through what you are going through. They have run their own businesses and have also been top managers in some of the largest corporations in the world.